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Silverstrand Beach

EPD's annual water quality ranking in 2014 Fair
Primary pollution mode Multiple sources
Major factor determining beach water quality --

Unlike most of the Sai Kung beaches which enjoy excellent water quality, Silverstrand Beach maintains a fair water quality throughout the year. Although the beach is far from the city center, there are quite a number of luxurious houses situated at the hinterland of the Silverstrand. Wastewater from these buildings is either stored in underground soakaway pits or discharged (chlorination in advance) to inland water through the storm outfalls, thus affecting the beach water quality. Silverstrand Beach is found to be one of the few beaches which show less significant correlation between water quality and meteorological factors. Nonetheless, water quality at Silverstrand Beach is usually poorer after heavy downpours.

Monthly distribution of beach gradings at Silverstrand beach (2010-2014)

Aerial photo and local pollution sources

Source 1:
Storm drain constantly discharging bacteria-laden flow.
Source 2:
Storm outfall intercepting water from inland sources.
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