The Project WATERMAN is pleased to organise three workshops in December 2011, covering topics in related to beach water quality forecast, 3D environmental impact assessment, and fisheries management and red tide forecast system.

Date December 12 and 20, 2011
Venue Maunsell Laboratory, Room 313, 3/F Haking Wong Building,The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road

Workshop I
Beach Water Quality Forecast System
Date Time Programme Outline
Dec 12, 2011
Introduction to marine beach water quality; overview of Hong Kong marine beaches; critical environmental factors affecting the beach water quality in Hong Kong; introduction to statistical tools for real-time beach water quality forecast.
Break (refreshments – provided)
Hands-on tutorial: application of statistical tools for real-time beach water quality; smart phone apps application.
Introduction to the use of deterministic models for beach water quality forecast.

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Workshop II
Three-dimensional Environmental Impact Assessment System
Date Time Programme Outline
Dec 12, 2011
Introduction to environmental discharges and the challenges of quantitative environmental impact assessment; Fate and transport of pollutants in coastal water; mixing of jets and plumes; near and far field modelling; mixing zone analysis and risk assessment; introduction to the NOVA system.
Break (refreshments – provided)
Advanced computer graphics and information technologies behind the 3D EIA system
Case study: and hands-on tutorial: sewage outfall design; real-time beach water quality forecasting and disinfection dosage control; internet-based visualization system.

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Workshop III
Fisheries Management and Red Tide Forecast System
Date Time Programme Outline
Dec 20, 2011
Introduction. Overview of mariculture and red tides in Hong Kong and management needs.
Hydrography, tide and current in Hong Kong. Determination of flushing time for fish culture zones in inner bays and outer bays in Hong Kong.

Hands-on tutorial of flow and flushing simulation.
Lunch break
Estimation of Carrying Capacity: Pollution loading in a fish culture zone; water quality modelling approach; estimation of the carrying capacity for fish culture zones in HK.

Hands-on tutorial of the carrying capacity model system.
Break (refreshments – provided)
WATERMAN red tide forecast system: Hydrodynamic stability theory and the prognostic red tide forecast; red tide particle tracking.

Hands-on tutorial of the prognostic red tide forecast system.

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Workshops on Water Quality Forecast and Management System
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