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WATERMAN / Fisheries Management and Red Tide Forecast

In this pilot system, daily red tide forecast and detailed information are provided for all the 26 fish culture zones in Hong Kong:

Please click a water zone or a fish culture zone on the following map:

Yim Tin Tsai (East)Ma Nam WatSai Lau KongLo Fu WatTiu Cham WanTai Tau ChauWong WanO Pui TongAp ChauPo Toi OKau Lau WanCheung Sha WanYim Tin TsaiLeung Shuen WanTung Lung ChauSha Tau KokYung Shue AuKau SaiSham WanKat OKai Lung WanSok Kwu WanMa WanTap MunLo Tik WanPo ToiSouthern WatersNortheastern WatersTolo HarbourSoutheastern WatersWestern WatersEastern Waters
Red Tide
High >70%
Medium 30 - 70 %
Low < 30%

The likelihood of red tide occurrence is predicated by mathematical model in coming week. Red dot(s) showing red tide occurrence(s) in the previous week. For more red tide information, please visit the Hong Kong Red Tide Information Network of the Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department.

The pilot forecast system is purely for research purpose. The model predicts weekly likelihood of red tide occurrence based on primitive hydrodynamic and biological considerations. The situation may vary according to different dominating algal species, variations in weather condition and other unconsidered factors.

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